Thursday, December 01, 2005

Take Five Week 8-1

I allowed my freshmen honors students to complete rewrites on their comparative analysis papers and they really seemed to learn from the process. My only concern is will they apply the knowledge gained from the rewriting process to their next paper or even next in-class writing assignment or were they just using me as their editor? I have confidence that some will learn and remember but I am a tad cynical about the long term effects this will have on their writing. I guess in the long run, I would rather err on the side of education versus the alternative of stifilling their learning.


Blogger Cara S. said...

Hi Anne,

I just finished writing this on Kristin's blog, but I was wondering if you could give a future assignment graded only on improvements made regarding your comments from a previous assignment. In other words, you commented on an old paper of mine that I needed to watch an overuse of simple sentences. I see that, work on improving it in the current assignment, and hand in both so you can see the areas I've focused on. (Maybe I highlight the comments I worked on so you can find them easily) I could see it challenging students to look at old work, really process your comments, and transfer what they've learned into the new assignment. Just a thought...

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