Thursday, November 17, 2005

Take Five week 6-1

One thing I am really struggling with came to a head today in my Honors class. I have been challenging myself to make sureI am pushing my students in all of my classes this year to be better than the kids I had before. I have especially done this with my Honors and sophomores. However, Iknow I am sacrificing their passion for learning for the sake of getting through material. Really it has become in my brain, after much intense soul searching and thought, the idea of what is more important to me: quality or quantity? I am even at the point after having only limited time to discuss Inherit the Wind with them that I am considering not giving the test I have assigned for tomorrow, but instead just talking with them about the play. I miss this section of our class and they do as well. It seems somewhere after the first six weeks I lost sight of the passion for literature that I have always had and instead it was replaced by the evil demons TIME AND CURRICULUM! I never seem to have enough of time in class and so I just keep pushing the kids along through each subsequent unit not really going as in depth as I typically do. This has been a hard lesson and admitting my failure to these kids has been even more difficult for me. Where I am at now is I want them to have the same passion for learning that I do; I need to keep myself focused on that aspect and not so much on the idea of teaching more but teaching less better. Does this make sense?


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

Yes, it makes a ton of sense. The only thing I would question is that when you say "admitting my failure" you act like this is a bad thing. Don't we always say to our students that you learn from your mistakes? That you can't ever grow as a person (or as a teacher) without taking risks and occasionally "failing?" Don't you think it's incredibly powerful that you can admit this to your students - and that you're being such a wonderful role model for them?

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