Sunday, October 30, 2005

Take Five Week Three-2

After reading my Honors students blogging from 451, I am so impressed by them. They established the norms as far as their expectations for each other's comments and they have not only managed to meet those expectations but really exceeded them in a number of ways. I am in awe of the textual support they are using to validate their opinions. They continue to amaze me and now I am encouraged to try this with my other classes. I think the one thing I wish was that there was more time to write back to them or to showcase their comments to the class. Soon I will be able to do this with the installation of the projector but I fear we will be done with the blogging for a bit with the end of 451 appraoching. I am thinking of using it to post questions for our discussions of The Chosen and to top it off, their group will post the question for the rest of us to comment on.


Blogger James H said...

Let me know how it works in you other classes. I am interested to see if you have the same success in the regular classes.

9:34 AM  

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