Monday, November 07, 2005

Take Five Week 4-2

The other comment that I need to talk about this week is more personal but I think connects to what we are trying to do for our school and in turn to education. My grandpa passed away this last week. He was an incredible grandpa but even more so than that, he along with my grandma, instilled in me a great desire to be a life long learner. There were so many instances in my life where he would teach me a lesson. For my grandpa, one of these lesson was learning backgammon. When we reached a certain age, he would sit us down in his living room and pull out the backgammon board. He would teach us, let us make mistakes, and sometimes, even let us win (this was VERY, VERY rare). Looking back, the game wasn't about winning or losing (receiving the A or the B) but was more about spending time and developing a relationship with him, and most importantly, learning from our errors when we would make mistakes. He NEVER focused on the outcome of the game, but about how we could learn to be better next time. I really came to this realization being here at his funeral. He continually challenged us to be life long learners as he was. I miss him. Thanks grandpa!


Blogger Roger Hess said...

Sorry to hear the news, Anne, but it sounds like you have tons of happy memories. I wonder how our students would respond to such a story - whether they would reconsider their attitudes toward learning.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Cara S. said...

Hey friend, so sorry to hear about your grandpa. It's strange how we do work at work, how we do family at home, and how things become compartmentalized. I saw you today and didn't even know. I apologize! It's awesome to read your reflections on his life. I think that he would be so proud to know that those are the things he instilled in you. And, that because you work hard to instill the same things in Emma and your students, his legacy continues. I'm thinking about you.

3:58 PM  

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