Sunday, January 08, 2006

Take Five Eventually I Will Catch Up

After posting my remarks about beginning of the semester activities, I talked with a friend about starting the semester on a very philosophical note with each of my classes. I have previously asked my classes at the beginning of the school year what qualities they believe good teachers and good students have. I am going to expand it this semester to what their expectations are of the class, as me as their teacher, and of themselves as students. Also, I am hoping to have a conversation with them about grades and learning as well. How do they value learning? What do they see as the value of grades? What are the purposes of grades?


Blogger Roger Hess said...

In all of my classes last week we discussed doing tasks for the purpose of learning rather than for the grade. Today in class a student commented (with a smile), "I did all that work taking notes just to answer three questions!" I was able to smile at him and say, "What about the learning?" I think he appreciated what I meant. So, I do think it pays off to have these discussions with our students.

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