Sunday, January 22, 2006


I was having a difficult time thinking of how to construct these goals so instead of two I have one large goal which I have broken down into three specific areas.

My goal: I will ask my students to become greater participants in determing what, how, and the assessment of their learning.

What: I want my student to become producers rather than mere consumers of the curriculum I am assigned to teach. I want them to create knowledge, reflect on their learning and challenge each other to learn. This can be done through the use of blogs, fishbowl, and feedback from my students. I want them to have a greater say in determining where this class is going and the material we are expected to read and discuss. Essentially, I want some of the decisions to fall on their shoulders. I am thinking of allowing them to choose a novel and discuss it in a small book group format. I also want them to be responsible for establishing the background information before we begin reading novels rather than it solely coming from me. I can also see them taking over our vocabulary lessons and possibly grammar lessons as well. Thus making them experts in certain areas and their responsiblity would be to instruct their classmates.

How: This will be done through a wide variety of methods. I want them to decide with guidance how they learn best oand explore that method. I can almost envision the class at different points depending on where each ones sucesses and failures take them. I especially see this with our grammar and vocaulary studies. It is like that concept of anything less than perfection is unexceptable. I want them to determine the directions of our discussions rather than it being solely teacher based. Additionally, I want their feedback on methods they enjoy and that challenge them. I can see this working extremely well with the writing process.

Assessment: This is the area I want to start challenging myslef with more and letting go more control of. I want them to have more of a say in what is to be graded, how it should be graded and the expectations of assignments. I am good at this with new assignments but am too stuck in my ways with assignments I have completed many times. I also think it would be valuable to them to have a say in determining due dates.


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

Nice. Have you thought about how you are going to assess whether you have been successful at the end of the semester? These are great, but it might be a little overwhelming to try to figure out how well you've done. You might spend a little bit of time (in all your spare time) thinking about how you will judge what worked, what didn't, and what didn't but might be able to work with adjustments in the future.

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