Friday, January 20, 2006


One thing I have been doing with my blogging classes is using the class bolgs as a starter for discussion for the class. The problem has been that it is difficult in the class to read the posts from the back of the classroom. So, in solution to this problem, I have the kids bring up a piece of paper to the front of the class and we sit (think story time from kindergarten). They aren't so crazy about sitting on the floor in C-11, but don't mind it in S-1 where it is carpeted. I have them jot down some notes as we are reading the postings to use for discussion. It is been really amazing to hear the student read his entry to the class placing proper emphasis where he wants it. In fact, I am including today's discussion from my English World Lit class. These kids really got into it. They enjoyed reflecting and analyzing each other's points of view with the blog posting as just the beginnings of the discussion.

They never would have had such a deep conversation if they weren't as open with each other from the blogging at the beginning. That allowed for them to ask questions of ones who typically wouldn't speak their mind, but had done so on the blog. Yeah for blogging!


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

I think that's an excellent use of blogging. I've usually been thinking of blogging as being part of class or continuing discussion after class, but missed the obvious benefits of doing it before class as an introduction/warmup/discussion starter type of activity.

I also think it's great that this encouraged some of your students who normally wouldn't have been involved in the discussion to get involved.

As far as seeing from the back of the room, there's two or three things you can try. When you are on the blog within Internet Explorer, choose View, then Text Size, then Largest. that should make the text a little larger on the screen. (Change it back to Medium when you're done).

Second, you can change the screen resolution. Right-click on the desktop and choose Properties. Click on the Settings tab, then lower the resolution (smaller numbers will produce larger images on the screen). (change it back to the original resolution when you're done).

Finally, I believe the projector remote has a zoom feature. You can zoom in on portions of the projected image to make them larger.

You'll probably have to play around with all three of these to see which one - or combination - might work the best. You may still need to bring them up closer (which I don't think is a bad thing at all, although carpet would help!), but it might make it easier.

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