Sunday, October 09, 2005

Take Five Week One-2

The other comment I have to make on my personal learning journey for this week is how challenging it has been to balance teaching my students in my classes and teaching my colleagues through the 21st century learning cohort. It is amazing that we are facing the same challenges in our classrooms as teachers and then to see my colleagues struggling as learners. All of us our at different levels of interest-some want to try new things, some are far ahead and need us to move faster, others barely managing to keep up. It is almost more of a challenge to reach the interest level and keep my friends captivated in the classroom than it is to keep the interest level of my own students. I guess that is what constructivist teaching is all about- making the changes necessary to encourage the learning of all our students.


Blogger Davis said...

I think you all are doing an amazing job. What I loved about Mary not finding the value of her classroom really challenges the way we think about technology and constructivism. I think the challenge for all of us will be, what can we add, change, adapt, using technology and constructivism, to spark learning. What else can we explore besides blogs?

1:43 PM  
Blogger Hatak said...

I think that we all feel the same challenges towards the constructivist approach. What make the most impact on me is the fact that you are actually doing it. I like the way that you are doing what you are preaching.

It might not have an impact on everyone but you are changing my world.

8:25 PM  
Blogger JanW said...

I was so glad to see you in a position I find myself in almost everytime I go to a classroom/lab to teach a new reference tool, subscription service, etc. I knew just how you were feeling when you had to "pull teeth" to get a response and having sat in on your classes I thought it might be a new experience for you. It actually made me feel a whole lot better about my teaching abilities. I know that what I have to offer students is only valuable to them if they have an immediate need for that information. I don't have a "relationship" with students in the classroom setting (you at least had that going for you) and that makes it even more difficult to feel that you have something of value to offer. I have always enjoyed coming to your class because you create an atmosphere that is welcoming and makes me feel valued.

12:46 PM  

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