Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another try at soliciting feedback...

I am going to give you guys another try at giving me some feedback on an assignment. Hopefully, this time I won't have to send email reminders, outlook calendar updates, and nagging people in class or in the hallways to complete this assignment (oh, wait that's just Karl that does that).

My seniors are teaching each other Brave New World. They began teaching their classmates after much discussion about how to teach and what good teaching looks like methods of instruction, methods of assessment; basically it was reviewing what they thought was effective form their years of education and what they thoughts was not. For the most part I have been really happy with this challenge they have undertaken. Where I am struggling is what to hold them accountable for. I have a rubric that I use to grade their group, but I feel like I am missing something on it. I want to get some fedback from you before I ask the kids what they think. The parts I am considering adding are one about classroom management (could I realistically get the kids to keep each other in-line?) and making sure they meet at least three of the five areas of the language arts curriculum in terms of reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing.

Here's the rubric:

Pre-teaching conference:
Meeting time scheduled and attended
Lesson plans ready _____ /20

Followed lesson plan

Participation/ Interaction required

Writing/Reading/Reacting assignment


Anticipatory set- Beginning activity to pull class together

Culminating activity- pull class together at end

Flexibility of lesson

Focused on ideas of assigned chapters, but not limited by chapters

All teachers participated

Enhanced understanding of concepts beyond basic concepts _____/ 90

Group/ self evaluation:
All members worked well together in planning and teaching
Goal of lesson fulfilled _____/ 20

TOTAL _____/ 130

Any feedback would be appreciated otherwise I will have to sick Karl the Invincible on you!


Blogger Dana said...

I realize that (a) I'm a complete stranger, and (b) it's a little late for the feedback, but I just found your blogs.

The one suggestion I would make for management would be to grade not the teacher on classroom management, but the class on their behavior during the student's lesson.

Also, was each element worth 10 points? I got 10 items for the "Lesson" section.

This sounds like an awesome instructional activity; it really gives the students a great deal of responsibility in a way that matters.

I'd love to hear how YOU thought it went - I did read the class blog about it.

6:22 PM  

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