Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thinking 'bout a revolution (actually just next year)

I have been try to think in terms of next year, how I am going to tramsform my current classroom into a laptop classroom. It is scary and exciting. I am not one of those people who is good with failing at things and so I know I need to do a lot of planning and talking with Karl, Brian, and Brad over the summer to prepare my self and my students fo r the journey they unknowlingly are going to undertake with me. In some ways, I wonder if it would be beneficial to let the students know there is a possibility they could be put in a laptop classroom much like the single gender classes. On the other side, it might be better for the shock and awe aspect (thanks Bush). I am trying to save student writing examples to practice peer editing next year. I am also trying to think of journaling assingments that aren't Microsoft Word based. Maybe on their own personal blogs?? Is that going to be too much to read? To keep up on and react to? The cool thing would be that other kids could react to their peers' thoughts and not just me.

Kristin and I got some great ideas at the CLAS conference in terms of student organization of ideas that I want her to share at our next meeting.

So much to think about but yet I still want the kids to contribute to process and decision making so I feel like I don't need to decide everything myself. Alos, I a know I am going to be pulling Ray in periodically to observe and help me reflect. It will be quite a ride!


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

Yes, I think we all have a lot of thinking - and work - to do before next August. But you're right, we can plan all we want but it's going to change when you actually have the students in the room. After all, we're trying to meet their needs, and we don't necessarily know what all of those are until the actual individuals are in the room.

But you're going to have a ton of support - not just from me, but from all the group (as well as cohort 2). Besides, I wouldn't have picked you unless I thought you were going to be fantastic at it!

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