Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Grading- It's fun for everyone

I continued with the students grading each other's summary response papers for their second summary response. Then on their final summary response paper of which they found the criticism on A Separate Peace, I returned the papers to them with just my comments and a rubric attached. They were to then schedule a time this week to come in and conference with me about their paper and together we determined a grade for their paper. I am going to ask some of them to comment to this post so we can all see their reactions. It was interesting to see how difficult it was for some of them to come up with point values and actually assign a grade to their work.


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

I can't wait to read their comments and see their perspective on this.

As most of us have experienced, we never really understood our discipline until we had to teach it. In a similar way, I think students may never truly understand grading (assessment), until they have some experience having to do it themselves. The more chances they get to reflect on grading/assessment, I think the better they will become at assessing themselves, and not relying on some external "authority" to determine the quality of their work. And I think that's a very good thing.

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Blogger Ethan said...

I have only done the peer grading thus far, but I can say that grading another person's work not to mention your own is very tough to do. It forces you to think as though it doesn't matter what you think about the grade. If you grade another person's work, you don't care what they get as a grade as much as you would if you graded your own work. It makes you turn into an indifferent person for the time that you grade your work. It also adds a sort of bias opinion of the quality of the work in your favor just because it's you who is grading your own paper. It does, however add an element of control to the grading process. When I grade other people's work, or even my own, I feel like I'm in control of what the author gets, even though in the back of my mind I know that it really depends on the quality of the work.

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Blogger Jessica Gannon said...

I really think it is really a good idea to come in and talk about my paper one on one with Ms. Smith. Because you get a say in what your grase is. It is really nice to be able to do that. I also think it gives us a chance to act like young adults. They only thing I didn't like was having to make a time to come in and see her but hen again we shouldn't take up class time to do that either. Also each students grading each others is good because you get a lot of good feed back. I think that this is a good way to grade our papers.

3:57 PM  
Blogger SamS said...

I felt that grading other students papers was slightly counterproductive in the long run of writing all three papers because we didn't have a chance to get real feedback from Mrs Smith on what we needed to improve on. Having the students grade the frist two did have its advantages however. I learned that grading papers is really hard and it did make me look over my paper closer for things that my editors pointed out (it had the same effect as peer editing a paper). I still wish that Mrs Smith would have graded at least one of the first two papers so we would know what to change for the third paper.

On the other hand, i felt that the self assesment of the last paper was extremely productive. Assesing your own work really makes you look at your paper from a different perspective. When i got mine back for the self assesment i relized how different the paper sounded the night before I turned it in and after Mrs Smith marked it all up.

Overall i feel the experience has bettered me as a writer because I can now look at my papers from the "graders" perspective and see where i need to change things. One thing i forgot to mention; grading others papers makes you really write to the rubric and read it very carefully because that is exactly what it is graded on. Before these assignments, I would glance at the rubric and write my paper, now I will always write with rubric rght next to the screen so I don't miss anything.

I hope that was helpfull. And that you understood it.

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Blogger alysons said...

Although I have not yet come in to work with Mrs. Smith, when my paper was returned to me, I was a little reluctant. I usually like to see how others thought I did on my work, and then I judge how I feel I did. This time was different though, I had to judge my work first and then tell my teacher how well I did, or did not do. Even though it was difficult for me at first, I have decided that I enjoy determining my grade before my teacher does. This way I get more of an insight on how constructive grading is reached and the reason behind the grade.

5:15 PM  
Blogger svelez said...

I think it is very challenging to peer edit a paper. It's hard to pick a grade that you feel they deserve without knowing how hard to grade it. Coming in to decide on a grade was an awesome experience. It was good to try to think the way a teacher does because then we can learn about our faults and how to improve. Also, its a good thing to practice this teacher mentality for future peer grading or proofreading papers in any class.

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Blogger Anneke van Hall said...

At first when I was told to grade my own paper, I was hesitant about the affects that it would have on me as a writer. I thought that I wouldn’t learn anything from my mistakes, or if I was even doing the paper correctly because I didn’t have a teacher grading it on how it should be done; however, I was wrong. I was able to set my mind into thinking like a teacher, and by grading my own paper, I was able to learn from my mistakes. When a teacher grades a paper, you only take a glance at the things you did wrong and it doesn’t really sink in. When you grade your own paper, you actually have to locate those mistakes and then you are the one who is marking your grade down, therefore causing these mistakes to sink down to a deeper level. When I had my conference with Mrs. Smith, we went over the mistakes that I made and I learned how I needed to fix them in the future. I think that I learned a lot of things by grading my own paper that I wouldn’t have learned by just having a teacher grade it for me.

6:02 PM  
Blogger IMNEWHERE said...

THis whole semester has been sketchy, I don't even know if this is homework, because if it is, how much is it worth? When is it due? besides, when we were reading A Separate Peace, I was actually interested, no one else did, and I'm the one who got a bad grade. Following directions shouldn't even matter. Either way, everyone has patterns, good grades first semester, bad grades the begining of second semester, and then okay grades by summer. Grades aren't truth, but that's obvious. Anyone who gets a good grade in this class and doesn't like the book, you're an authentically bad person, you don't deserve that grade, you don't even know how good this book was. I liked the book, I got a D. Maybe you should stop stuffing assignments were you should be appreciating the scenary. That people like a good book, appreciate it, that matters. Good grades, reputation, all an illusion.

8:56 PM  
Blogger jennr said...

I think that the peer grading was both beneficial and unhelpful. I think that when we were grading one anothers work there wasn't much thought put into it. It didn't matter what grade they got and you didn't want to give the person a bad grade, so it was kind of half-hearted. On the other hand, I think the self assesment was very productive because it made you look closer at your writing. I like the fact that Mrs. Smith still went through and wrote feedback, giving us instruction and applause where it was necessary, but I also like that we got a say in the grade we received. I agree with Sam in that I wish Mrs. Smith would have graded one of the three papers so that we could have an example or a guideline. For the most part, I like the self assesment and the critical thinking it requires.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Keely said...

I'm used to writing papers and having teachers grade them for me, no thought involved. Mrs. Smith had a new idea, let us grade our own papers. It really made me think about what I did wrong and helped me to learn what I need to do better. I got to look at my paper and say "I need to change my topic sentence so it flows better" or "If i had been more specific I could have given myslef a better grade." It's a really good experience and I think more teachers should think about doing it.

11:19 AM  
Blogger allisonh said...

Previously, we have been asked to grade other people's papers, which is hard but very different. When Mrs. Smith said to grade your own i was actually happy. Since I have taken Mrs Smith for four semesters now, I understand her expectations. I know what she believes makes a good paper, and I was able to grade myself according to her papers. Yes, it was hard to decide what to specifically take points off for. If I took to much I was being to hard on myself. Likewise, If I took too little, I was being too easy, which is not a good thing for future papers. This was a difficult task, but I liked it better than peer grading.

5:03 PM  
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